Drum Sounds.

Have had a busy month for an inexhaustible variety of reasons, but of which i suppose the main focus here is within the recorded medium, and so descriptions of such shall follow. In the midst of finishing the Let’s Talk Daggers EP tracking i’ve had the pleasure of continuing recordings for Natalie Evans, Adam Russell, God Damn and Dissociates, of which all have been excellent, with a fully wide variety of sonics to enjoy. From saxophones to violins to hitting planks of wood on walls, it’s been swell. Rather than go into detail(there’s a lot), just know that more production will be reaching out of the wilderness in the near future, and as a taster here’s a snippet of one of the drum sounds i think i’m most proud of to date. Smashing the shit out of barns 2k12.

God Damn Drums. by In Lieu


Had a busy-ish week occupied between demo recording/editing/mixing, making the most of what little sunshine we’re afforded, and cursing my luck with pedals; namely a Memory Man Deluxe Tap Tempo that still is not working and in my hands, despite ordering on May 15th. Not ideal. BUT, in the midst, some more demos have been created for TJCQ album #2, and it’s been fun getting ideas straight to tape very quickly, without so much emphasis on perfection. Enjoying how raw some of these things are coming out, and in the process of updating my own gear portfolio, it’s great to see how immediate a decent recording is possible with everything in it’s right place from the outset. Though obviously vital to the creation of an album in any situation, and while enjoying spawning these little things, it pains me that so few people will hear them, considering the work gone in. One can only hope the finished product will make up for that.

Writing for the sake of writing once again… The Wind Up Bird Chronicle is a beautiful book, and it really is odd how the world of the sleeping is so personally disconnected. 

Good night.


Presented with a healthy combination of free time and boredom today, while currently guitarless, and with the microphones upon our piano still in situ, i decided to try and create a little simple something for downtimes sake. While still working on a solo record, progress is slow, perhaps due to self imposed mental restrictions as much as anything else, however there’s no reason why in the interim little fragments shouldn’t be made, for practice if nothing else. Here’s a little one, whether more are to come or not is questionable, but why the shit not? Other than  a few elements, everything on this was recorded solely from the piano mics and sounds utilising the piano, keys, percussion, vocals etc. It’s not much, but it’s something.

In Lieu - Interlieude #.1 by In Lieu

Lounge At The Barn.

With a view to embracing alternative routes within the creation of music in our band, on occasion we’ll go off on various musical tangents, some absolutely ridiculous, some fairly nice, mainly baffling. When these do work out it makes a swell change in dynamic from the usual practice session, and considering the amount of people who assume we’re a jazz band anyway, we’ve lately been working on a lounge-esque version of an old track of ours, which today we recorded and filmed in our habitual barn area, complete with newborn birds in the rafters and a film set donated by the deceased. I really enjoyed getting to try and capture the ambience of the place in a totally live context, and just working in a different way with gear and musicians that i’m familiar with. I imagine in a few weeks time the results will be within reach of your eyes and ears, one can hope.


Photo by little bitch Paul Ford and his iPhone because he got bored of making the effort to use a film camera. 

Sleep pt.II

"Last night, i imagined that if i fell asleep, i would never wake up. It worked, and i was dead.

 As it turns out, it was a lot like being alive. I could see, and i could feel. To start with, the things i could see and feel were lifelike, tangible, and as real as you, i, a pen or a piece of paper. I couldn’t tell whether they were things i’d seen before, but the brain is a powerful thing, and it seemed to be taking me to places, views and objects that i wanted to be around. They would float in and out of my grasp, i was running through clouds, or chasing a sunset.
The clouds were never shaped like anything, but as a child they were always seahorses, countries, the blankets the stars would put on at night. I could talk forever about all the things they were..

 As time passed(or i imagine it did) in this new state, my attention span would flit between these places slower and slower, but i couldn’t hold onto a sensation any longer, or quite make out the distance between myself and my surroundings. I imagine this was because my brain began to run out of batteries, i’d heard that it does this a few hours after you die..

 I aged all over again, the vivid, colourful, untouched sparks of life and living were slowly replaced by withdrawn, simpler, basic sensations. Despite what you may imagine, this was ok, to me it seemed like everything was just that much, and nothing more.

 I became aware of a few things, i could neither see myself, or imagine what i could see with. I knew that at one point, some time, i had had eyes, but this was not them, they were not this, this was something else. I started to have thoughts again, and even a kind of a conscience. I had no body, no weight but that which my mind could give me. These thoughts weren’t in colour, but nor did they need to be, no regret was had for anything i had left behind.

 Some would mourn for me, a mother that bore me, a few lovers, and the loves i called my friends. Some people might cry, without ever really having known me, perhaps just needing a reason to feel sad and grieve. I remember understanding this a long time ago, even doing it myself, but here i could not. A lot had changed since then. Some would not bat an eyelid, but this was fine for them, and for I. Many would tell those i held close that i was in “a better place now”, but that was a lie, this new, monochrome passage was neither better nor worse, above or below, it simply was, unaffected, constant, and calm. I thought of the ocean at night, at a time when nothing yet had broken the surface.

 I imagined all of the thoughts my mind could imagine, for what seemed like forever, free of emotion, just a quiet, clean air of acceptance. That was what was.

 I had had enough of being dead, so i was not. I saw a person in a bed between a single door cupboard and a plain white wall. That was me. My room only has one window, out of which i can see a mound of earth, and in the early spring a few flowers i’ve never known. Past the earth is a playground, which you can see from the floor above. I live alone, a pretty girl lives next door but i don’t know her name, just like the flowers.

 Tomorrow night, i will imagine something new.”


Sleep is hard, and there’s few better times to do editing than early morning, in my opinion. Monotony can be a blessing rather than an annoyance, at least while the mind adapts to the hours prior to anything resembling double figures on the clock. It also provides a healthy dose of people watching, the various collections of humans on their little trip to the train station, which if anything can be gathered by body language, leads me to believe that every single one of them is on their way to a funeral.

Anyway, this is boring. I’ve been spending the last few days in between patriotic disappointment and medical fixtures recording piano for a solo record i’ve been intermittently working on for the past 6 months or so. I’m very excited, and the foundations are laid for hopefully something interesting. Typing stills the hands but not the soul. 


Piano Rattles

Piano Rattle Samples by In Lieu

So, yesterday our piano was re-tuned, possibly necessarily, possibly not, but of course the logical next activity for any self respecting human would be to sample alternating octave rattles on each note.. As such, this i busied myself with for a solid few hours while the wind rapped at the window, and created a little Kontakt instrument for myself to play with. While personally opposed to the concept of sampling other music in my own work(if i couldn’t write it what’s the point in using it?), i’m an avid fan of creating my own sampled instruments, be it from the voices i’m recording, body parts, guitar feedbacks or any other element that may provide a little uniqueness to a recording. These little things are important, i feel. 

So, above is the sound of my piano, and ten points to anyone who recognises what it is i’m playing a rough estimation of(hint: track title is close to a namesake). If you would like the said instrument to use in your own works then feel free to shoot me an email, i may or may not oblige.

In Lieu Of A Studio

As a recordist of various musical projects over the past 7 years or so now, i’ve finally created a little internet home for myself, in the form of well, this blog, and also this Facebook page. Contained in it’s counter-intuitive layout(cheers Zuckerberg) are various showreels, photos, snippets of work and gear information, and will be fairly regularly updated. If this is the kind of thing that interests you, feel free to take a look.




Hello All.

Summer is perhaps not the best time to start a digital scrapbook, all beaches and skateboarding, but this is England, and as such i’m staring out of my window onto a rain soaked amalgam of pushchair mothers, pockmarked roads and veteran oak trees. Needs must. Anyway, for some substance, this blog will consist of various updates to do with the musical(predominantly) ventures i undertake in whatever guise that may be, and for examples of what these may consist of check the little pages to the right for more information. Enjoy, and feel free to get in touch if you enjoy any creative output included within this binary collective.

Thanks, Martin Ruffin.